Job well done kate

I did a good job right? 
I helped you out,  without you noticing how hurt I am

I somehow took away your sadness right? 

I wiped some of your tears away right? 

I was your crying shoulder

It’s hard but I tried understanding you

You love her too much ,  i’m dying

Did you even notice my heartbeat when we’re together? 

How about the tears I shed knowing I’m the one beside you but you can’t even see me

You love her too much and I’m so stupid to love you this much
I know,  i’ll never be like her

But how I wish I was her. 
You didn’t notice that right? 
I did a goodjob right? 

A pat on the back would be nice


A desperate message for you

Do you still remember me? 

I hope you still do,  coz I remember you too well. 
You were the one that I loved the most
You were the first person whom I saw my future with
You were the one that tore me into pieces but still longing for your presence
I loved you too much , I don’t care if you’ll break me again
I don’t care if you’ll just use me 
I don’t care if people will think I’m dumb
I just want to see you again

Spend time with you again
I just loved you too much and still loving you.. 
Please. Love me too